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Monthly Event's are held every Saturday Starting at 1:30pm. There are 4 regularly scheduled events,  fifth Saturday's will be a Bonus Event. All Saturday events are a higher experience level and must be qualified in order to play in these events, unless otherwise posted. Events like the Tournament of Champions and Top Ten Monthly Points are played with the previous months statistics. 

Monthly Events are as follows:
The first Saturday of each month is the Blue Ticket Event. This is the only re-entry tournament. Players collect punch cards on their Blue Tickets, and when full they can be used in this event. All re-entry's or  add-on must be by the end of the fourth blind.  For other tournament information please check out the Blue Ticket page under the "events tab".
The second Saturday of each month is a last chance tournament. The tournament style can change from month to month, so stay tuned!
The third Saturday of each month is the Tournament of Champions.  You must have won a tournament, Event​, or "Sit&Go" in the previous month.
The fourth Saturday of each month is the Top Ten Monthly Points Event. This is where the Top Ten players from every location play in one big tournament. This is the biggest monthly event, winner gets $100 CASH!