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What's is the Blue Ticket Event?

The Blue Ticket Event is a player appreciation tournament held once a month as a way to reward the player's that support all the local businesses that give KMAPOKER life. The card has 40 spades on it. Players earn punches on their cards every time they play. Once a player fills all 40 spades, they may use that full card only while playing the Blue Ticket Event. This event is held on the first Saturday of each month. During this event player's may use a full punch card as a re-entry of 10,000chips into the tournament if they are knocked out within the first 4 blinds. At that point any player that has not used their card as a re-entry, may use a full punch card as a add-on of 5,000chips.


Qualification: This tournament is open to all KMAPOKER members.

When: First Saturday of each month.

Where: PJ's PUB

Start Time: 1:30pm 

  • Starting Chips: 10,000
  • Re-entry chips: 10,000
  • Add-on chips: 5,000
  • Starting Blinds: 100/200 


If a player gets knocked completely out of the tournament within the first 4 blinds, they can use a full Blue Ticket to re-enter back in to the tournament for another 10,000 in chips.


If a player does not use their card, at the end of the first 4 blinds they have the option to use a full Blue Ticket for a add-on of 5,000 in chips.

 How to fill a Blue punch card.

  • 10 punches for any referal of a new member, plus 10 punches for new player.
  • Top 5 players in any weekly tournament:

1st place - 5 punches
2nd place - 4 punches
3rd place - 3 punches
4th place - 2 punches
5th place - 1 punch

  • One punch for every game played.
  • Monte Carlo Boards.  High Hand, and other promotions may be offerd for additional punches.