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​​​​​​Challenge​ Events

When: 2nd Saturday of each month

Time: 1:30pm

Location: PJ's Bar & Grill

Chip Stack: 10,000

Starting Blinds: 100/200

Starting Blinds: 15 minutes

Max Players: 32

Tournament Style:

Heads up Challenge

​Heads up challenge is a bracket tournament where players play one on one to work there way through a bracket to decide the winner. Depending on whats announced, there are single and double elimination brackets. This tournament is great for working on your heads up skills.

​Team Challenge

Team Poker Tournament will feature dueling side by side tournaments. Two player teams will be divided into two separate tournaments. Each player will play their chip stack for two blinds. Then the team will switch tables to play their partners stack, switching every two blinds.  Each player will have to work as a team and play smart, in order to survive this challenge.

Mix Challenge

​Mix Challenge is a tournament in which the game style changes. For example, the first blind will be Texas Hold'em and then the second blind will be Omaha, and they will continue to switch back and forth every other blind structure. Other possible mixs may be 7 card stud, 5 card draw, or Tahoe. Other variations may be possible, but game style will always be posted prior to game day. Most games might be new to players, so on these games we will have a breif poker school held before the tournament to help educate players about style and rules of that game.