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 The following rules help us provide the best experience to all of our players. Most rules help protect the integrity of the game, but others are in place to ensure a safe, fun enviorment to all players. It is very important to read and understand all KMAPOKER rules! 

  1. KMAPOKER hosts free poker tournaments. There is no gambling allowed! We don't allow money on the tables at any time.
  2. No player may appear over intoxicated, belligerent or unruly at any time.
  3. No food or beverage allowed on or over the table. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
  4. Players are expected to speak to each other with respect at all times. This includes no name calling, not even between friends.
  5. Outbursts, physical gestures or pounding on the table will not be tolerated. Remember your playing a free game.
  6. Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned from KMA.
  7. Giving chips to other players or chip dumping is not allowed. Trying to lose your chips for any reason is not tolerated. You can choose to bank your chips and exit the tournament at any time. Comments like "I need to go" will only receive one warning before chips will be pulled.
  8. Do not discuss the hand until all action is complete. Discussing folded cards and hand possibilities is giving information to other players still in the hand.
  9. Do not show your cards to others, or it will be considered a dead hand.
  10. Do not reach into the muck pile for any reason. Once a hand hits the muck pile it is considered a dead hand. No checking your folded cards for any reason!
  11. No coaching. One player per hand. You can inform another player of what their options are, but not what they should do as their action.
  12. The current dealer is responsible for the cards and chip in the pot. If anyone is not comfortable with dealing, a table leader will be appointed to assist. All other hands should be kept out of the pot.
  13. Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted, unless host requests.
  14. Players are expected to maintain a standard of personal hygiene that is comfortable for close public contact. Including cleanliness of all hands touching cards and tables.

     Walking out on a tab is bad for our business. If caught you will not be allowed to play any KMA games or events until the bill is settled.

In case of any disputes, the tournament host will make final decision. To discuss any decision further please contact us at